Specialists in joining plastics

Who uses the Aeson applications?
Ultrasonic solutions are used in a large number of different industries!

We briefly describe the industries in which permanent connections are produced using our machines and tools:

  • Electrical Household Appliances
    In this market closing force and visual aspects are very important. Applications that we supply are: irons pump houses, vacuum parts, dishwasher spray arms.

  • Automotive
    The automotive industry makes extensive use of hermetic closures in applications such as filters, lenses and valves. Other applications include: safety belt housing, mounting system, sunroof, fuel caps, air diffusers, dashboard components and fuel hoses.

  • Wholesale (Business)
    Printer cartridges, access systems, credit card holders, and video and audio cassettes.

  • Consumer Products
    Precision welding, spot welding and forming made the Swatch® watch possible.

  • Electronics
    Multiple spot welds and inserts are often automated for high volume applications with high reliability. Applications include connectors, terminal blocks and waterproof switches.

  • Medical
    The ability to work in a sterile environment (clean room) in combination with high strength high reproducibility and reliability for small and large series, makes welding suitable for life-support components. Examples include filter housings, blood / gas filters, face masks and non-woven filters.

  • Packaging
    A major advantage in our field is that we can see to the closing of packaging with a very short process time. Coated cardboard, toothpaste tubes and blister packs can be sealed very quickly. We contributed to the sealing of dispensers, blister packaging, juice packaging, liquid carton packaging and coated paper cups.

  • Toys
    This highly competitive industry can benefit from omitting screws and other additions. The connection provides a strong ‘life-time’ connection with a perfectly sealed seam separation without excess material.