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If it is possible to use laserwelding for the welding of products, more products can be welded in the same machine and even in the same cycle without setting up the machine over and over again. With this, laserwelding is a flexible solution.

Standard machine for simultaneous laserwelding of different contour. A standard machine with x-y servo controlled x- and y-axes.

Aeson laser workstation in actie


Aeson 8-voudige producthouder

The fixtures can be placed into the drawer fixated on a fixed position. After closing the laser can weld several contours. In these pictures the machine welds two different diameters in the same welding cycle.


The fixtures can be taken out of the drawer and replaced by totally different fixtures with different products.

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Verkoop en technische informatie: Ing. R.W. Dasbach en R. van de Stolpe

Logistiek: Mevr. D. Janssen



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