Specialists in joining plastics

The Aeson Workstations are developed to integrate small series and serie-production.

After the product has been placed in the tray, the process can be easily started. By pressing a button,
The welding process is hands free and automatically during the welding process , the operator can check the welded product , prepare the next product or service a second workstation.The Aeson Workstation can both be used as an ultrasonic or laser welding system and functions from a sound and a light protected cabin.

Workstation with drawer for Laser and Ultrasonic weldingUltrasonic welding

The Workstation is designed for standard RINCO 3000 Ultrasound Press with an ADG generator. 
The ADG generator is mounted on the outside of the Workstation for easy adjustment and process monitoring. 
The ultrasonic elements are located within the workstation. The Aeson Workstation ensures a minimum reduction of 20 dB of the noise that is generated during the welding process.

Laser Welding

The Aeson Workstation is suitable for laser welding. The welding of thermoplastic parts with the Workstation is both the simultaneous and the contourlas method possible. The combination with the standard 3000 RINCO press and ADG generator is ideally suited for simultaneous welding.
Thanks to various possible optics DOEs (diffractive optical elements ) this technique enables a wide variety of shapes to be welded.
By the use of a programmable servo system in the Workstation, it is possible to weld with the contour method. A laser spot follows the contour of the weld exactly. The contour of the weld can be programmed into the control unit and the setup is done with a regular laptop.